Things to Do in Shibuya from Morning Musume

Aika Mitsui, a member of famous pop group Morning Musume, has drawn an English-language map of the Shibuya district that's great for those looking to shop and eat at some of her favorite places. Aika-mitsui

On the list are some must-see shops for fashion including 109 (pronounced Tokyuu) and 109-2, which she says are "loaded with ladies clothing!" There's also J-Machree, which Mitsui says is good for bags and clothes at low prices. Interestingly, she also points out the Tokyo shop for American brand Forever 21. 

The map is also heavy on food and snack recommendations. Pasera is recommended for its honey toast, and at DOT the tapioca juice with milk is the item to get.

Maybe the best culinary recommendation for travelers on a budget is Sweets Paradise, which is a bit out of the way but offers all you can eat for 90 minutes for under 1500 yen (about $20 at current exchange rates). Mitsui warns that it might be crowded, though.

The map is drawn by hand, which is convenient in this case because it lets Mitsui's recommendations stand out in what's otherwise one of the most crowded places in the world.

Need to figure out how to get to Shibuya? The trains are easy if you read the Konnichiwhoa Guide to using Tokyo's trains.

via Visit Japan [PDF]

For the full map, check below:

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Things to Do: Shibuya

Shibuya Crossing Shibuya's the place that most quickly comes to mind when people think of Tokyo.  Shibuya Crossing is often considered Tokyo's Times Square, with its throngs of pedestrians and stacks of large advertisement screens.  It's also home to a lot of Tokyo's youth culture, with tons of entertainment and fashion crammed into a pretty small space.  


With that in mind, here are the five essential activities for Shibuya, which could easily take care of an entire day of your vacation:


1. Hachiko
When you arrive at Shibuya Station, make sure you take the Hachiko exit.  This will put you in the famous spot pictured here.  The Hachiko area is a popular meeting spot, so you'll see lots of people standing around waiting.  By the way, Hachiko's a dog with a fantastic story – make sure you find his statue!

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