Tokyo Narita: Best Restaurants and Shopping

Have a flight out of Narita Airport? It's a huge building, and there's a lot to do. I've been through the airport bunches of times, so I've rounded it down to just a few places visitors should hit up in each terminal.

AkihabaraAre you Terminal 1 or Terminal 2?
A ton of airlines serve Tokyo Narita. Before you plan out your shopping trip, check the official list to see which terminal you'll be in. It's not easy to switch terminals, so you should stick to the one you arrive in (unless you have a rare airline switch for a Tokyo transfer).  

Eat/shop before passport control!
After passport control, it's just rice balls and soft drinks – and prices go up quite a bit. Once you leave this area,  you're pretty much just hanging out at your gate until departure.

LiquorDuty free is great for alcohol!
Duty free shops are very commonly not a bargain around the world for booze, cigarettes, or perfume. The exception to the rule is Japanese liquor. Personally, I don't leave Japan without a bottle of Suntory Hibiki 17, which at 6,000 yen is a solid deal for the whiskey that it is. 

The Best of Terminal 1

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