Flight Deal: American from Chicago, $768 + Tax

Fancy a cheap flight from O'Hare?  Fly on a weekday in March and you'll be paying $818, plus tax, minus a $50 discount.

Travel agency JTB is offering the flight (and the discount) on "Airline A" from its Chicago office, where there's a non-stop flight on American to Tokyo.  And don't forget, non-stop flights are a good way to go.

The fare is good through all of March, but the $50 discount ends March 13.

See more and make reservations at JTB Chicago.

Flight Deal: JAL from Los Angeles, $544 + tax

If you're ready for a cheap JAL flight leaving Los Angeles, and you're available to go on March 4, then this deal is for you.

The fare is $514, but it's a fare that's only open to members of JAL's "Family Club," which costs $30 to join.  You can join and book a flight right away.

That price does not include tax, which could be around $200.  Still, paying roughly $750 for a non-stop flight on JAL – which has excellent service – is a bargain.  The fuel surcharge is included, however.

The deal only applies for flights leaving on March 4, though you can come back whenever you like.  Flights are offered to Tokyo (which is recommended by the Konnichiwhoa guide), and you can get the same price for flights to Nagoya and Osaka if you want to head in that direction.

Get the details and make reservations at IACE.

Flight Deal: American from New York City, $616

The Small Statue of Liberty in Tokyo
Headed to Japan from New York?  Book a flight from JFK to Narita on a weekday in March and your fare will go as low as $616 after taxes on American Airlines. 

American has the only non-stop flight from New York to Tokyo, so long as you leave out the more expensive Japanese airlines like JAL and ANA.

You may be able to go even cheaper through connecting flights, but that's not recommended in the Konnichiwhoa travel guide.  Be sure to read up on why before you fly.

Book directly at American Airlines.

Flight Deal: JAL Premium Economy from San Francisco, $1694

JAL Premium Economy. Image courtesy JAL.Travel agency IACE extended its deal for the new Premium Economy class on JAL flights from San Francisco International to Tokyo.  The price is $1694, taxes and fees included, round-trip. 

The deal is only available leaving San Francisco, but offers service to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.  The catch: you have to depart on a weekday (Monday to Thursday).  Weekend flights are available for another $100.

With its renowned "Shell Seat," Premium Economy offers slightly more leg room and several first-class-esque amenities including multiple meals, hors d' ourves, desserts and premium check-in and lounge access.

IACE's offer goes through March 31.  See the website for information and reservations.