Cheap Hotels: Tokyo – Keio Plaza Hotel

Nights at a 5-star Japan hotel are on sale!

Keio plaza hotel tokyoA "New Deluxe" room, normally from 39,000 yen, is just 18,000 yen. The "Plaza Premier" room, typically 43,000 yen, is just 20,000 yen.

These prices are good for single and twin rooms.

Also included are a complimentary breakfast and a late checkout.

The hotel will add 15% for taxes and service charges, so you'll pay at most 23,000 yen for a room that normally costs more than double.

The deal expires on March 23, so it's best for spring break travel.

Contact IACE Canada to make the reservation.

Tip: skip the free breakfast!

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Hotel Deal: The Four Seasons!

Four Seasons Tokyo It's Friday, so why not let loose a little?  Sure, the Four Seasons hotel might not be the cheapest hotel around – you could do three nights in a hostel for the price of one night here – but a slack in demand has made rooms cheaper even at one of the fanciest spots in Tokyo.

The asking price for a twin is 18,480 yen.  Split that with a friend or loved one and you're talking $92 a night in a rare luxury hotel with a decidedly European theme. 

If I have cash left over, I like to splurge on my last night's hotel as a way of getting some rest after the exhaustion of a long vacation.  Thankfully, prices are falling on luxury hotels quicker than the cheap spots, even in Tokyo. 

Check out the Four Seasons Tokyo website, and if you decide to bite, make your reservation online at Japanican.

Hotel Deal: Single in Tsukiji, $63

Ginza Capital Hotel in Tsukiji Don't be mistaken by the name Ginza Capital Hotel – it's a bit away from the haute couture shops of the Ginza district.  It's actually in Tsukiji, home of the famous fish market.

Which makes it all the cooler that solo travelers can stay in such a great location for just $63 a night.  That's a steal in central Tokyo for a full-service hotel. 

There's one downside – no in-room Internet access – but that's all the more reason why you should spend your time out exploring Tokyo and just hitting up an Internet cafe when you need to unwind.

The hotel has an English website with info, but for the cheap price you'll want to make your reservation on Japanican.

Hotel Deal: Room for Two in Shinjuku, $100

Hotel Sunlite Shinjuku Want some peace and quiet but still want to be near where all the action is?  Try the Hotel Sunlite Shinjuku, which is in Shinjuku Ward but is in a quiet neighborhood away from all the chaos that comes from the Skyscraper District and Kabukicho.

The deal for single travelers is OK but not great – $79 a night – but at 10,000 yen ($100) for a double, it's a pretty nice price for couple travelers or others who don't mind sharing a bed.

By the way, Shinjuku is one of the most active spots on the west side of Tokyo.  If you still need to know where everything is, check out the Konnichiwhoa guide.

You can check the Hotel Sunlite website for info on the hotel, but you'll get cheaper rates by going through Rakuten to do the booking.

Hotel Deal: Convenience in Tokyo, $79

If you're thinking about leaving Tokyo for Kyoto, Osaka or Hiroshima, consider a hotel convenient to the Shinkansen, better known as the bullet train. 

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is right outside Shinagawa Station, which is convenient for both the bullet train and the ordinary train loop.  And because Shinagawa is at the bottom center of the loop, it's easy to get to both the east and west sides of Tokyo.

And there's a lot of convenience in the hotel, too.  "The complex features 15 restaurants, a range of cinemas, an IMAX
theater; the sporting facilities include indoor pool, tennis court,
indoor golf range, and even an 8-lane bowling alley."

You can reserve a room at the Shinagawa Prince for $79 per person per night.  It doesn't get any cheaper as you add more people, but it's still a reasonable price for the neighborhood and the convenience.

Check out the hotel and make reservations at NTA.

Hotel Deal: Room for Two in Tokyo, $85

Akasaka Excel Tokyu, in Tokyo
Twin rooms are on sale at the Akasaka Excel Tokyu, putting visitors right in central Tokyo near the Roppongi club district.

8500 yen is the asking price, which is roughly $85, though exchange rates do fluctuate.

Excel Tokyo hotels, in my experience, are pretty well-appointed.  They mostly cater to business travelers, but they're open all night, which fits the Roppongi area very well.  Split the price with a buddy and you're getting a good deal on a solid hotel in an exciting part of the city.

The deal is open through the end of March.  Check out Japanican for reservations.

Hotel Deal: Luxury Hotels in Tokyo, $119

Grand Pacific Le Daiba Hotel in Tokyo. Image courtesy Summit Hotels & Resorts
Travel agency IACE is running a deal on four luxury hotels in Tokyo, including the famous Keio Plaza Hotel and the gorgeous Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba on the snazzy island of Odaiba (pictured). 

The four-star hotels in the deal start at $192 per night for a double and go up to $220. 

For single travelers, a night in the three-star Sunshine City Prince Hotel is up for $119 per night.

The deals are available through March 31.

See IACE for details and reservations.