Valentine’s Day in Japan: 3 Facts You Shouldn’t Miss

Valentine's Day in Japan is celebrated, but with a twist: 

Japanese chocolate fountainWomen give presents to men! It's another sign that Japanese society is still pretty male-dominated.

There are three more facts you need to know about Valentine's Day gifts in Japan:

1. It's chocolate. Chocolate is the traditional present.

2. It's platonic. Typically, women bring lots in to the office to give some choco to all the guys, regardless of relationship status. 

3. Women get paid back in March. March 14, a month after, is a separate "holiday" called White Day, where men give back to women. This one is more like how Westerners celebrate Valentine's Day: guys buy more expensive, more shiny gifts for the special ladies in their lives. 

So guys, sit back and relax. Ladies, where's that chocolate?!