Tokyo Narita: Best Restaurants and Shopping

Have a flight out of Narita Airport? It's a huge building, and there's a lot to do. I've been through the airport bunches of times, so I've rounded it down to just a few places visitors should hit up in each terminal.

AkihabaraAre you Terminal 1 or Terminal 2?
A ton of airlines serve Tokyo Narita. Before you plan out your shopping trip, check the official list to see which terminal you'll be in. It's not easy to switch terminals, so you should stick to the one you arrive in (unless you have a rare airline switch for a Tokyo transfer).  

Eat/shop before passport control!
After passport control, it's just rice balls and soft drinks – and prices go up quite a bit. Once you leave this area,  you're pretty much just hanging out at your gate until departure.

LiquorDuty free is great for alcohol!
Duty free shops are very commonly not a bargain around the world for booze, cigarettes, or perfume. The exception to the rule is Japanese liquor. Personally, I don't leave Japan without a bottle of Suntory Hibiki 17, which at 6,000 yen is a solid deal for the whiskey that it is. 

The Best of Terminal 1

Where to eat: Tsukiji Sushi-Iwa
This sushi restaurant should be your last taste of awesome, inexpensive Japanese sushi.

While I'm a devotee of conveyor belt sushi, Narita's version of it isn't very fresh at all. As a warning, airport sushi isn't super-cheap, but it usually is pretty high quality. 

Where to shop: Lawson
Thank goodness there's a Lawson in Terminal 1. This is hands-down the best place to stock up on snacks for your flight and maybe even a last-minute souvenir. 

Another sign you need to be here: flight attendants are stocking up here before their flights, too.

Lawson is on the 5th floor off in a corner by itself, so look carefully.

Where to shop: MUJI to GO 
Muji, as we've discussed before, is a Japanese product shop whose design philosophy really is a philosophy. The 'MUJI to GO' variant is a Tokyo Narita exclusive that focuses on high-quality stuff you'd want while you're traveling. Make the flight back a little easier and grab a souvenir that you'll really use.

Img-0076-jpgWhere to shop: Graniph
Graniph is a German t-shirt shop that abounds in Tokyo. The Narita branch is every bit as good as the others spread around the city.  

The Best of Terminal 2

Where to shop: MUJI to GO
There's a Terminal 2 shop for this shop as well, up on the 4th floor. 

Where to shop: Leo Two
Despite not being one of the big-brand convenience stores, this is a convenience store, down in the basement floor. Stock up on snacks for the flight here.

Where to shop: Greenport
A Japanese candy shop, plain and simple. Sizable sections for green tea and plum flavors make it worth the visit. 

There's lots more on the official Tokyo Narita Airport site (in English).