Japanese Girls in Kimonos Shooting Things (in Archery)

An expat in Japan has done a quick write-up on a festival in Japan where young women, dressed in kimonos, participate in an archery competition.

DSC_0159The Toshiya Archery Event is part of the coming-of-age ceremonies for 20-year-olds, held nationwide in January, but the archery is special to the Sanjusangendo Temple in Kyoto. Writes the attending expat:

Toshiya is an event that goes back some four hundred years though today it is significantly different. In the past, Toshiya was predominately for men to show off their prowess and skill with a bow. Today, archers shoot at targets 60 meters distant but in the past archers would shoot the entire length of the long Sanjusangendo Temple which measures about 120 meters. 

Men participate too, as this is part of a festival coming from the samurai tradition, but they don't look quite so lovely.

There are a few gems among the many photos posted from the event, so be sure to check those out as well.

via Roving Ronin Report

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