Things to Do: Shinjuku – Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

The Tokyo Sushi Academy, whose eight-week, $5,000 sushi master class we covered last week, also offers a one-day class. That class is also heavily discounted this spring, so read on if you want to take a $130 class for just $40.

Sushi_chef_01For 3,000 yen, you'll spend the day learning nigiri sushi, gunkan, and temaki (hand rolls). That means you'll be a decent sushi chef at the end of the day!

There's a good reason to pay attention in class: you'll be making your own dinner! Once you sit down to eat, though, the Sushi Academy will throw in some green tea for free.

The 70% discount only applies for classes on February 18 and March 17, so hit the link below to sign up for those dates.

via Tokyo Sushi Academy

Not in the mood to cook your own food?

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