Hotel Deal: The Four Seasons!

Four Seasons Tokyo It's Friday, so why not let loose a little?  Sure, the Four Seasons hotel might not be the cheapest hotel around – you could do three nights in a hostel for the price of one night here – but a slack in demand has made rooms cheaper even at one of the fanciest spots in Tokyo.

The asking price for a twin is 18,480 yen.  Split that with a friend or loved one and you're talking $92 a night in a rare luxury hotel with a decidedly European theme. 

If I have cash left over, I like to splurge on my last night's hotel as a way of getting some rest after the exhaustion of a long vacation.  Thankfully, prices are falling on luxury hotels quicker than the cheap spots, even in Tokyo. 

Check out the Four Seasons Tokyo website, and if you decide to bite, make your reservation online at Japanican.