Happy Golden Week!

Okinawa beach This week is Golden Week, a string of national holidays in Japan.  It began this last weekend and continues through Wednesday.  Many Japanese get to take additional days off around Golden Week, so some people may not go in to work at all this week. 

Major tourist spots are full of native Japanese visitors, which makes it fun to check out big landmarks like Senso-ji Temple or the Mori Tower.  And it's crowded!  When a metropolis of 35 million people goes on vacation, things get a little crazy.

Lots of people take their big vacations now, like to the beaches of Okinawa (pictured) or to Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong. 

Still, there are plenty of people left in the city, and thankfully there are tons of local festivals and events to accomodate fun-seekers in every neighborhood.

I, for one, found a deal on an airline flight I couldn't refuse.  So, hello from Tokyo!  The weather's beautiful and the food is delicious.