Flight Deal: Multiple Airlines from Houston, $663 + tax

Houston, Texas Normally, May is an expensive time to travel to Japan.  The first half of the month is covered by the Golden Week travel boom, and the later half is covered by the start of summer vacation.

This year's different, however, and suddenly May has become a very nice time to travel.

Travel agency JTB is offering flights on any of three unidentified American carriers (really American, United and Northwest) from Houston to Narita for just $663 plus tax roundtrip, bringing the total to a little under $750.  That's peanuts for what's usually a really expensive time to travel.

The flights won't be nonstop, but the layovers shouldn't be too bad.  The Konnichiwhoa guide usually recommends nonstop flights for convenience's sake, but Houston residents really can't go wrong with this deal for a last-second Golden Week vacation.  Personally, I've done Northwest's route of Houston through Detroit to
Tokyo, and it was just fine.  Flying straight north actually cuts some
time off the longer leg of the flight.

If you're thinking about going, you should get right on booking a hotel, though!

See a full fare chart and make reservations at JTB.  Make sure to select Houston Int'l from the drop-down menu.