Find airline tickets with fees already calculated

A website has surfaced that finally takes a lot of time out of planning your own travel.  TripAdvisor has been around for a while, but it's taken on a new life of its own after unveiling a very cool trick: calculating all your additional fees for you and showing you the real price of a plane ticket while searching online.

I gave it a whirl and planned a test trip from Dallas/Fort Worth to Tokyo and TripAdvisor came back with $610 for the cheapest flight.  After clicking that flight, I was taken directly to the American Airlines website with an open reservation awaiting confirmation. 

The real price?  $609 after fees and taxes.  Pretty impressive.

If you need speed above all else in your airline reservations, give TripAdvisor a whirl.  But don't be afraid to come back and check Konnichiwhoa's flight deals

Read more about the site at the New York Times.